Innovation subsidy is essential in small businesses. It is with this type of investment that small ideas can grow and become a great example of entrepreneurship and success, taking Brazil’s brand into the world. Regardless of product or service, the subsidy can serve as food for a good project to gain body and space in the market.

How to get subsidy for innovation?

What many entrepreneurs do not know is just how the innovation grant works, who to look to learn more about it, and how best to make successful planning. Let us understand in this article some important points that will help you expand that look about your own business.

There are some entities in Brazil and in the world that are looking for incredible projects to receive investments. However, contrary to what many beginning entrepreneurs believe, there is a way forward for the innovative idea to be approved and receive an amount of investment.

Typically, the companies that provide the innovation grant receive innumerable projects and look in detail to know each idea so that they then decide to invest in what actually has the most potential. The Sebrae of all Brazil is now reference as an institution that seeks to guide and assist in the development of micro and small entrepreneurs.
Subsídio para inovação dos pequenos negócios

The doors that the innovation grant opens

Receiving subsidy from important programs is synonymous with project recognition. However, it is at this stage that the entrepreneur’s work really begins, and he can then put many things into practices to achieve the expected result.

We can say that a subsidy aims to bring two major advances to a small company: the technological and the professional training. It is from this that the entrepreneur will create the conditions to move his idea and start to meet with results, whether in the sale of products or services.

Another important characteristic of the small entrepreneur is precisely its flexibility between the more consolidated markets and those that are still developing. Innovative design, however small, is critical to both ends of the economy.

Sebrae project aims to help small entrepreneurs

Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies) is a pioneer entity in projects that aim to encourage the creation of small and medium businesses.

The entity has some incentive programs that even involve subsidies for innovation. In 2017, Sebrae of Minas Gerais, in partnership with Codeming, launched an incentive program for innovation with subsidy of up to 80% of the cost of innovative and entrepreneurial project. In all, there were about 40 million kings invested.

The objective of the program was to address areas and ideas of the following segments:

  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Digital Services
  • Sustainability

Other programs like this are developed by other units of Sebrae and those interested in applying for the subsidy for innovation must follow the news on the website according to their state.

The advantages of the incentive for the entrepreneur

In this case of the Sebrae project it is possible to mention some advantages:

  • The main thing is that the program cost up to 80% of the project, with only 20% of the developer’s responsibility. Only here is a great advantage, since in previous years the entity managed to release only 50%.
  • In addition to the financial gain, the company had another subsidy for innovation, which was supported by Sebrae’s specialist consultancy.
  • The focused service also helps in the development of the company, thus ensuring good results.

Banks also help subsidize innovation

Obviously we must not forget financial institutions. They also promote incentive programs for entrepreneurs seeking credit to invest in technology.

A great example of this is the resources of the BNDES (National Development Bank) for microentrepreneurs. The government bank is negotiating with an interest rate of a maximum of 4% per month, which is already taking into account all charges. In addition, financing for small entrepreneurs can reach 100%.

According to information from the BNDES, credit for innovation can be requested by individuals and legal entrepreneurs of small activities that do not exceed the gross revenue of R $ 360 thousand per year.

Remember that to win the innovation grant you need to have a good business plan clearly stating the ideas, the necessary investments and other information according to what each program requires to do a general analysis of the project.

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