With the arrival of the 2014 World Cup, many credit lines for small companies in the World Cup are being made available, so finding a search by banks and specialized institutions is enough to find the best options. In Brazil the business around the World Cup will warm up and look at these micro and small entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the moment, many organizations like Sebrae are already developing actions to help interested entrepreneurs.

According to Sebrae, the 2014 World Cup has expanded opportunities to make money and to structure various sectors and businesses, especially micro and small companies, also known as MPEs. The beneficiaries are those who attend tourists, sponsors, press and families of the athletes, of course there are other followings that may want to find financial support to expand or structure the service or rendering of services.

If you have a company that needs capacity building and investments to improve or expand the business in the 2014 World Cup, what are the alternatives? To get started, look for specialized information on the free credit lines and offered especially to assist entrepreneurs interested in this type of opportunity.

One of these opportunities for those who have projects related to the 2014 World Cup is the special credit line – FAT Turismo , the destination of the resources are to micro, small and medium companies that have annual revenues of up to R $ 25 million.


Capital modality

Capital modality

In the working capital modality, the amount financed reaches a maximum of R $ 500 thousand, the financing installments can be contracted up to 36 times. And what do you want to invest for? The financing can reach up to R $ 1.5 million, in 84 times.

The money lent is used to finance vehicles from boats to transport people, other lines are destined to the qualification of personnel in the quality of services, attendance and teaching of foreign language, there are also resources to finance machinery, equipment and media development, websites and software deployment.

Proger Turismo Investimento – Another option to raise money with low cost, the financing uses funds from the FAT (Fund for Workers’ Assistance). The accepted projects are directed to the tourism segment to finance projects such as renovations, installations, systems deployments, acquisition of machinery, equipment and motor vehicles.

The special lines of credit that meet the MPEs in the tourism sector depending on the gross annual revenue can reach up to R $ 1.5 million with payment term up to 120 months, with grace to start paying, enjoy.

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