Financing for negativado ! When a citizen goes through a time of difficulty because of a lack of money or very high living costs, realizing some dreams seems to be a little far from being realized. Dreaming about buying a new car, everyone dreams, swapping it for another is possible among physical people, but refinancing it gets somewhat difficult. Now think, and if your name is dirty!

In this scenario where with the name denied, the credit blacklist and almost all banking and financial credit alternatives are far from feasible, and still look forward to and verify that most of the largest private and retail banks do not authorize requests for funding if you are restricted in your name – what to do?

Negative Financing

To get a negative name does not need much, a financial unforeseen, loss of income or employment, any accident that demanded the use of money without power or even a lack of control and administration of basic payments and commitments with bills and credit card etc invoices.

All these factors and many others take the individual or family budget into the hole and inevitably name those responsible for credit protection systems like the SPC and Serasa . Being considered a bad payer entails a series of restrictions and penalties in the financial market, one of them is the access to loan with very high interest. But, there are exceptions! In the Brazilian market, this niche of people with restrictions has become a lode of credit consumption that is being well explored by many financial and national banks. 

Financial lending to negative


Financial lending to negative

If you are a private company employee with more than one year of registration, you work in a public agency as a clerk or career employee, are a pensioner or retiree of the INSS, serve as a military officer in one of the three Brazilian defense forces, loans that make funding for negatives. In that case what guarantees the loan is not your name but your income.

In the finances to negativado through the payroll, your profile may be with restriction, the institutions do not care for your inscriptions in Serasa and SPC if you are inserted in the groups mentioned in the paragraph above.

Financing on behalf of third parties


Financing on behalf of third parties

Borrowing on behalf of third parties in Brazil, incredible as it may seem, is a common practice. It is not advisable but if you are the lender of the loan , make sure you have the confidence to lend your name on a loan or financing. This option for funding for negatives is usually done between relatives and family members.

Can I make a loan or loan on behalf of someone else? Of course you can! However, it is worth saying that legally and according to the rules of the Central Bank of Brazil there is no such type of loan operation on behalf of another person . This is a private agreement between people and nothing has to do with the institution, except when the loan needs collateral.

But .. if there is anyone in the family that performs the function of civil servant or is retired or pensioner of the INSS, these people have special beneficiaries, they have the right to make financing for negatives, but with their name, not with the name of another .

Funding with consortium for negatives


Funding with consortium for negatives

Consortium is a way to finance a desired good or service, not a solution for those who are immediatist, on the contrary, in consortium financing, time is an option that needs to be well resolved at the time of hiring. By doing a consortium it is possible to get your dreamed up new run, finance plastic surgery and many other things.

There is financing for every need, it is worth remembering that when we make loans, be it to conclude business or to carry out private or family projects, money taken at interest must be repaid to the lender, and often this repayment will sacrifice the routine of the day , especially if the contractor is not the one who keeps the accounts under control.

Think very carefully before you commit as financings to negative, personal bank credit or in peer to peer companies. Loan is debt and if you make one or more debts be ready to keep the commitment until the end of the hired one. Want to know more to know online loan sites continue browsing the blog.

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