There are many people who think that borrowing is a bad thing and needs to be avoided at all costs, but did you know that it can be used to your advantage and be very beneficial to your financial health? Yeah and today we will explain how to use the money of a loan in a positive way. Come with us! An editorial over at


First of all you have to have planning!


First of all, when it comes to personal finance, the way to keep the bills up to date is planning. Organizing accounts even helps identify unnecessary expenses that can be cut, you know?

Here on Klerico’s blog you can download the financial planning spreadsheet. It helps you keep track of your spending and understand where your money is going and what your debts are. Knowing what is tightening your budget is the first step.

Being aware of your financial problem you can then take out a loan that makes sense and helps you organize your spending. Never take out a loan without being sure how much you need and how you will use the money, as you may just wind up with debt.


Always ask yourself the same question: Do I really need it?

Always ask yourself the same question: Do I really need it?

With everything at the tip of your pencil you should ask yourself, “Do I really need this personal loan or the material I am going to get from it?” If the answer is yes, move on without fear, then of course do the math and understand that can pay the installments without squeezing.

If you have done financial planning and found that you need to consolidate debt and settle your accounts, then it is time to research loans and find out what types and rates the institutions offer. Also, it is crucial to look into the reputation of the place where you intend to take your loan online.


Are you really going to take a loan? Stay tuned for the fees charged!

Are you really going to take a loan? Stay tuned for the fees charged!

In order not to lose control of the finances, it is very important to evaluate the interest rate on the loan amount and also the installments, as they need to fit in your pocket and the planning you have done, thus not compromising the combined family income?

Be careful to assess the Total Effective Cost of the credit operation, after all, even if the interest rate of one place is lower than another, it is possible for one institution to charge extra fees that the other will not charge when you take it. a loan And this goes for any type of credit: financing, personal credit, payroll, etc.


Debt transfer is also a smart solution

Debt transfer is also a smart solution

In addition to buying a good or getting rid of a debt, a personal loan can be a good alternative to getting out of revolving card or overdraft. Both have the highest interest rates in the market. This financial maneuver is called debt transfer.

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