For a negative corporate entity and Brazilian entrepreneurship, especially those of micro and small companies, are some of the many sectors affected when there is an economic recession. The indebtedness of entrepreneurs is a growing problem in Brazil in several segments. When a company gets its name (CNPJ Negativado), this can have serious consequences for the business.

When companies get into debt and run out of money, the situation is even more prominent when it comes to small businesses, and the economy of every country or place suffers. To try to remedy this situation, there are a number of federal government investments and programs, and even private companies, that can help you recover credit and clear the constraints of your business.

Getting loans for companies, risk investments, or working capital financing can help your business continue to function the way it needs, and especially to clear its name.


Negative Business: what does it mean?


Negative Business: what does it mean?


Negative legal person means that the company’s CNPJ is negative, that is, it is dirty with creditors and enrolled in the SPC, Serasa and notary offices. This occurs when the company does not pay its debts and ends up entering into the register of debtors.

This situation unfortunately entails many problems for companies, including having to file bankruptcy in many cases. The company also has credit restrictions, meaning that it will have difficulty applying for loans or financing. In addition to paying huge interest because of the debt and being the target of lawsuits for defaults.

With the name denied, your business can suffer a lot and have serious limitations to keep running. It is necessary that the businessman evaluate the best way to get out of the negative so that there are no problems.

Lines of Credit to Recover Negative Company

Lines of Credit to Recover Negative Company


Having the name of your company denied, hinder the entire business and administrative process. Especially when applying for a loan or loan. However, there are still many possibilities for anyone who wants to clear the name of their venture and apply for a loan.

One of the most guaranteed are still the federal government’s incentives. BNDES has a credit line fund only for indebted companies. BNDES works through the credit offered by the Developer Channel, which is the main support for indebted companies and a special line of credit for this.

To achieve these features, the process is quite simple. First, you must access the line of credit line. On the site, you should answer some questions about yourself and your company. You must tell what types of investment you need resources and choose the banks with whom you want to do business. After completing this form, your request will be sent to the selected banks.

Alternative financing for a negative corporate entity


Alternative financing for a negative corporate entity

In alternative financing such as Crowdfunding, and sites and platforms of p2p lending marketplaces are the ball, they make the connection between borrowers and investors by eliminating intermediation for banks: Biva and Nexoos are the largest suppliers of peer-to loans -peer of Brazil. Besides the bigger platforms we have others like: Tutubrasil, BizCapital, BancaClub, Kavod Lending and etc.

There are some benefits to using these lines of credit offered both by alternative means, as by the government. There is less bureaucracy and interest rates are lower. In addition, the payment term is longer and the conditions are facilitated.

Attention when applying for loan for your company!


Getting into debt is something no business owner likes. Many may resort to investments that could further harm the company to pay off debts. Evaluate your situation very well before applying for a loan.

Pay attention to interest rates. Do the calculation well and check the installment deadline. Seek professional help to renegotiate your debt with a bank. An accountant can help you escape from trappings at the time of signing the loan agreement.

Many companies with the negative CNPJ sell some of the shares to survive. This has proven to be a very profitable investment for both buyers and sellers. This may be a good idea for your business.

Know the negative corporate loans and get your business back on top.


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