Everyone will need money or loan at some point in their life and career. In this way, knowing what the best type of loan for your case is essential. It is important that you know all the possibilities that are there. An example of this is Sofisa’s personal loan. The Sofisa bank Direct homeownership loan guarantee is a solution for those who own property and are in need of extra money, either to pay bills or for anyone who wants to invest in business.

What is the Sofisa Direct loan with property guarantee?

In order for you to know this type of loan and know if it really is the best for your need, we have selected some relevant information. They can help you decide if this investment is what you really need. ” Meet the Sofisa Direct secured home equity loan and breathe quieter at the end of the month .”

Loan as a property guarantee is a way to obtain much used credit both in Brazil and abroad. Also known as mortgage. In this type of credit you give your property as a guarantee that you will pay off that debt. The “Sofisa Direct Bank” secured loan has a simple way of working. To obtain personal credit, you use your residential property or commercial room, cleared, giving them as collateral. Sofisa Direto is one of the most traditional banks in the country and has been operating since 1961.

How can I apply for the secured loan with property?


How can I apply for the secured loan with property?


The Sofisa Direct secured loan is one of the easiest to obtain, since it is 100% online. All you need to access the institution’s website and request a simulation or make a proposal. After that, provide the necessary documents and information. The financier will make an evaluation and tell you if he accepts your property as collateral or not. The claimant, if approved, will receive appeals in cash after 15 days.

There are no extra charges. The borrower will not need to pay for property valuation fees, insurance, registration, commissioning and even legal analysis. The required documentation varies from case to case.

For the employee, for example the CTPS with photo and / or (RG, CPF, CNH) information on civil qualification, employment contracts and last salary alteration is required. The paycheck of the last 3 months is also required. Already who is a civil servant must present Professional Portfolio and the Holerite of the last 3 months to obtain the personal loan with guarantee.

This credit has several advantages since interest rates are among the lowest in the market. In addition, the benefit is calculated according to your income. More information here.


Who can apply for property loan?



  Before you apply for this type of loan, it is important that you know a few things. The company works with some requirements when it comes to making this type of personal loan.

First the property has to be removed. The property used as collateral, must be free of liens, that is, without fiduciary alienation, pledge or mortgages. The property can be in the name of another person, since it appears as income composition, therefore, also being the borrower of the credit and consequently guarantor of the operation.

Sofisa Direto still has some other requirements with the property, in addition to being totally removed and in the name of the contractor, it must be registered properly in registry office.

Important care when applying for the loan with property guarantee

Important care when applying for the loan with property guarantee


When applying for any loan, you should pay attention to the negotiation you are making. In addition to being able to borrow more, you may also lose your property when you give it as collateral. In this way, all care is little.

Assess whether the amount of benefits is in your budget. Make sure you can pay for everything on time and avoid very high interest rates. The interested party in the secured loan must calculate the interest and the Total Cost to evaluate how much will pay at the end, and if the amount of the installments is pertinent to be paid every month.

Applying For The Sofisa Loan Direct secured home equity loan is easy and simple and it can sure help you out of the financial suffocation. ” Your property may be the solution to a more peaceful future. “


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