For a Negative Corporate Make a Loan

  For a negative corporate entity and Brazilian entrepreneurship, especially those of micro and small companies, are some of the many sectors affected when there is an economic recession. The indebtedness of entrepreneurs is a growing problem in Brazil in several segments. When a company gets its name (CNPJ Negativado), this can have serious consequences […]

Individual Asset Management: How to invest your money

Have you been dreaming for a long time of your own four walls, in which you can be your own master, without having to abide by the specifications of landlords or feel disturbed by fellow tenants? Or are you planning a long journey for a long time? The route including all organizational points is fixed, […]

Modes of Financing for Negatives

Financing for negativado ! When a citizen goes through a time of difficulty because of a lack of money or very high living costs, realizing some dreams seems to be a little far from being realized. Dreaming about buying a new car, everyone dreams, swapping it for another is possible among physical people, but refinancing […]